Newest Additions

U.S. coins make great gifts! Pick out your loved one's birth year!

U.S. Coin showcase at the American Antique Mall

Large selection of United States coins

U.S. Coin Proof Set

2010 U.S. coin proof set (one of many different years)

U.S. Silver Dollars

U.S. Morgan Peace dollars in protective acrylic cases make great gifts!

Below are Pat and Kim Messier, Mother & Daughter & co-authors!

Pat and Kim Messier

Pat and Kim Messier's latest book is "Reassessing Hallmarks of Native Southwest Jewelry." The actual published jewelry featured in their latest book is for sale TODAY at the American Antique Mall. (Subject to prior sale)

The Messier's hand-signed hardcover book is for sale TODAY for only $35.00!

Reassessing Hallmarks of Native Southwest Jewelry

Published jewelry for sale today at the American Antique Mall (Subject to prior sale)


Patania Box and Pin from the Thunderbird Shop Fred Harvey Era Cuff

Patania Box with Tucson Thunderbird Pin                Fred Harvey style turquoise and sterling cuff

Kingman Turquoise Squash Blossom Carico Lake Turquoise Pendant

Kingman Turquoise Squash Blossom Necklace                  Carico Lake Turquoise and Silver Pendant

Cerrillos Turquoise Necklace Kingman Turquoise Pendant

Cerrillos Turquoise Necklace                                              Kingman Turquoise Pendant

Turquoise Cabochons at American Antique Mall

Turquoise cabochons (polished turquoise domes) for jewelers, color match replacement stones, and hobby!

Turquoise and coral rings at American Antique Mall

A small portion of the many turquoise and coral rings to choose from.

Cripple Creek Turquoise at American Antique Mall

Natural (untreated) Cripple Creek Colorado Turquoise - priced by the ounce.

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